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I Overcame Major Trauma, and Now I Teach Trauma Survivors How to Heal

After successfully Overcoming major trauma and PTSD, I went on a journey to learn more about healing. 

I became a licensed therapist and started working to help people heal.

Now, I create online resources to help people learn from home

I’ve helped amazing women rediscover feeling safe, stop panic attacks and find self love.

Because healing from trauma is a woman's best chance at breaking free from the pain of trauma forever!

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Healing is Possible

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Start with Trauma Basics! 

The simple restorative things you need to know before you start facing your trauma.

Hi, I'm Tanisha

I Started Found to Help Women through their Trauma Healing Journeys!


I'm here to make Learning How to Heal Trauma just a little bit easier.


Because Healing is our best chance at Breaking Free from the Pain of Trauma Forever.

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