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Be Empowered and Feel Like Yourself Again!

Did you know that people struggling with trauma who get help are HIGHLY likely to move on and live full, healthy, and HAPPY lives?

EVERY TRAUMA SURVIVOR needs a self-paced way to heal.

It's time to Heal Mind, Body, & Soul with The Trauma Healing Roadmap.

The Trauma Healing Roadmap helps you map out your healing journey, Learn from the a fellow trauma survivor and licensed therapist, and finally overcome the pain of trauma.

THIS is how you change your life and reach maintained healing in every area of your life.

If you're serious about healing, then get our research-based healing course. Your relationships, mental health, and self-esteem are worth it!

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Move on Your Healing Journey today With The Trauma Healing Roadmap & you'll receive:

  • Skill-based, therapist-guided lessons delivered online from the comfort of your home! You are fully Empowered and can start at your own pace 

  • Full access to The Trauma Healing Roadmap Course FOREVER. Always there if you need a refresher

  • Then you get a full-length digital/printable journal where You can record and track your personal insights, and focus on your healing process.

  • You get full recordings of Mind Body and Soul Based Coping skills, and 8 trauma healing meditations. These will help you ground your body, stop overwhelm and anxiety, and help regulate symptoms of PTSD

  •  You'll get the course workbook, Goal action pack, and healing tools so you know EXACTLY WHAT TO DO. And will be able to make specific self-paced goals to heal yourself.

  • As an active member, you'll have ongoing access to the Trauma Healing Roadmap course to refresh what you've learned or go back to a helpful session

  • Access to send questions and get answers within 72 hours! You'll have a personal guide every step of the way

You'll SAVE tons of money by getting into one program, rather than spending hundreds of dollars every week.


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Change your life, get through the hard days, feel connected, and heal.

Joining The Trauma Healing Roadmap gives you the structure, curriculum, and skills needed to heal on your own terms. It will also change YOUR life!

This course helps you heal through experience, learning, and guidance, and is the ONE thing that accelerates every area of your life, helps you create safety and boundaries, and can improve ALL your relationships in life forever!

In the Trauma Healing Roadmap, you will be trained on the science-backed frameworks and skills needed to overcome the physical, mental, and emotional impacts of trauma.

As a Trauma Healer, you can face the challenges of your daily life with renewed strength, experience fewer panic attacks, and grow your sense of meaning and purpose. 

  • No previous experience with therapy or other courses is necessary to join, because the course will train you on the repeatable frameworks needed to overcome trauma.

  • You get to start from scratch and get the healing you need at your own pace, on your own journey, and with no pressure. 

  • A Holistic Approach to Healing Made for Survivors

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Best Self-Healing Guarantee!

After having access to the full course for 30 days, if you this did not help you on your path of healing, then ask for your money back for a no-hassle refund!

Still not convinced? Read our in-depth FAQ section below! But get signed up TODAY because we will sell out!

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Healing on Your Time In Your Space

So many trauma survivors lack a  holistic-focused process for improving their lives.

How about you?

Have you wanted to experience healing in a different way, but lacked the ability to afford weekly therapy, or find that therapy alone is not enough?

Are you sick of talking about it and not getting anywhere?

Do you feel stuck or unsure about what the next step towards healing is?

Does trauma effect your relationships or keep you from building deeper connections?

Are you afraid of the healing process or unsure about talking about it yet?

Then it’s time to learn how to overcome trauma, beat anxiety and panic, and gain better self-esteem!

TheTrauma Healing Roadmap Course is an 8 module Curriculum that uses a combination of science-backed and holistic methods to guide you in your healing process.

The Trauma Healing Roadmap uses principles from several therapeutic models including TF-CBT, EMDR and Somatic Experiencing. 

Just think how happy, free, and safe you’ll feel when you know how to heal.

Healing is a skill that YOU deserve to know. Therapy should not be the only way to access the healing process.

This course will teach you the secret to lasting feelings of safety and healing throughout your life journey.

No matter your experience, healing through theTrauma Healing Roadmap course will help you access healing and empower you to be in the driver's seat during the process!

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Sophie, 27

"I love this! Setting boundaries has helped me so much mentally. I still need to get better at it, but it has gotten easier over the years to not feel guilty about the boundaries I need."

Dawn, 41

Tanisha is the Queen! She is amazing at what she does! Healing is a journey and she brings so much care and knowledge to the table!

Amy, 33

Thank you!...You've been such a blessing.

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The Trauma Healing Roadmap

Learn from the a fellow trauma survivor and licensed therapist, and finally overcome the pain of trauma.

After going through the Trauma Healing Roadmap you can face the challenges of your daily life with renewed strength, experience fewer panic attacks, and grow your sense of meaning and purpose. 

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It's never too late to heal. It's never too late to change your life.

" I'm Tanisha, and I'm a licensed therapist. My online course was built to guide you in your healing journey. You deserve to start healing your trauma. If therapy is not available or you need guidance outside of therapy, this is for you. If you want to find yourself again, this is for you. If you want to learn how to feel less anger, emotional pain, or grief, this is for you." 

--Tanisha XOXO

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